When you post a round of golf, you must post the Adjusted Gross Score, not simply your Gross Score.  In order to Adjust your score, you must determine if you exceeded the maximum strokes on each hole you played.  Starting Jan 1, 2020, you can use the following table to line up with your scorecard to see what you maximum score can be for each hole.  

A copy of the ESC Table has been placed on our bulletin board.

La Mirada ESC White Tee  <— Equitable Score Control Table for Posting your Adjusted Gross Score starting Jan 1, 2020

It is recommended you print the ESC White Tee chart and keep it in your golf bag.  When you finish a round at La Mirada, use this to see if you have to subtract anything from your Gross Score to get your Adjusted Gross for posting in the GHIN system.

Do not confuse your score for the tournament and the Adjust Gross Score for posting.  The Adjusted Gross Score is what is used by SCGA to calculate your Index.  Your Gross Score is used to determine tournament winners.


White Tee Index to Handicap Chart 2020   Conversion Chart starting Jan 1, 2020.