Triple S Seniors Golf Handicap/Index Listing

Our Club will be using the Monday Index listing for Week 1, Week 2 and Week 4 for each home game.  The Away Tournament will be using the Monday Week 2 listing.  Each player will receive an email the day following the posting of any score with a revised Index.

HDCP is calculated for the White Tees at La Mirada

Remember to convert your index to a handicap at each course you play.

Index to Handicap for White Tees  Chart to convert Index to Handicap at La Mirada

GHIN 1-04-21  January Week 1 Listing

GHIN 01-11-21  Week 2 Listing

GHIN 01-18-21  Week 3 Listing

GHIN 01-25-21  Week 4 Listing


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