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USGA Rules of Golf

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NEW LOCAL RULE regarding Tree Roots;  If your club will hit a tree root when you hit the ball, you are allowed to move the ball to the nearest point of relief away from the root without incurring a penalty.  Place the to a spot nearest to where it lies away from the root, no closer to the hole, to avoid damaging your club or you hands and body.  You do not get free relief from the ball landing next to a tree.  Please do not abuse this rule.  We are just trying to avoid damage to player or clubs from the tree roots that emanate around the trees.  You must get playing partner approval before moving the ball.   See Jim Dyerly if you have any questions about this new rule.

Medical Cart Flag

Players using Medical Condition Waiver Flags on power carts are required to keep the cart a minimum of 10 YARDS from all Greens and Tee Boxes.  That amounts to TEN 3 foot paces from any Greens, not right up next to the green.  Please no closer than TEN PACES or three cart lengths.

Slow Play

The Triple S Board has spent a significant amount of time discussing speeding up our rounds of play.

The following local adopted rule, may assist speeding up play at a cost of only a two stroke to the golfers score.

Ball lost or OB, New Local Rule

After searching, for no longer than 3 minutes for a lost ball, or if the ball is OB, player may opt to drop a ball from where it is assumed lost or OB, up to two club lengths onto the fairway in a line across from where it was lost or OB, with only a two stroke penalty.  You may not drop closer to the hole.  If you play a provisional ball, this rule is nullified.  

Lift, Clean and Place Clarification

Our Local Rules is:  ” A muddied ball must be placed AS NEAR AS POSSIBLE, BUT NO MORE THAN SIX INCHES, from its original position; NO NEARER THE HOLE (NOT One Club Length as some have suggested). at NO PENALTY.

Fire Ant Rule

While you may be debating whether fire ants are dangerous, the USGA has already made up its mind. According to Decision 33-8/22, players who are faced with fire ants (or a fire ant hill that could be disturbed) are entitled to proceed under Decision 1-4/10, which allows the player to take a free drop within a club-length of the nearest point of relief from the danger, as long as it’s no nearer to the hole.  This Decision stands even if your local Committee has made no such ruling.   It may seem odd that your opponent is as well protected from an ant hill as he is from alligators, but then again, you’ve probably never been bitten by a fire ant.

2011 Local Rules

Triple S Seniors La Mirada Golf Course Local Rules  The Rules Chairman of the Triple S Seniors Golf Club shall be recognized as the governing authority concerning the establishment of Local Rules, the interpretation of U.S.G.A. Rules and Local Rules, and decisions relative to any dispute which may arise concerning rules and eligibility. Requests for decisions should not be referred to, or ruled upon by any other person or body. Decisions made by the Chairman shall be regarded as final.  Except where modified by Local Rules, all play shall be in strict accordance with the most current set of rules as set forth by the U.S.G.A … Local Rules shall, not waive any penalty imposed by the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf.   Out of bounds:  The Maintenance yard beyond 14th green.  Ground under repair:  1: All flowerbeds.  2: Turf nursery left of 14th fairway and green.  Area between maintenance yard, snack bar and cart path behind 14th green is not ground under repair nor is it out of bounds.   The ball must be played from there.

Drainage ditches

If water is flowing enough to advance the ball, the ball shall be placed as near as possible to its point of entry, as determined by the players in the group.  Place the ball laterally from where it entered the ditch, one club length away from the ditch, no closer to the hole, with no penalty.

Water Hazard

The Lake adjacent to # 10 is defined as a Penalty Area.  If a player’s ball goes in the lake, there is a drop zone on the fairway side of the lake. Members have the option of playing from the drop zone with a one stroke penalty or by the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf.

In the absence of yellow or red markers, the margins shall be defined as the waters edge.

Putting Green

If the ball lies on an edging groove around a putting green, the player may, without penalty, lift the ball, clean it and place it out of the groove in the nearest position to where it lay, whether on or off the putting green, which is not nearer the hole.

Embedded ball

A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in the ground in any area other than a hazard may be lifted cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where the ball lays but but not closer to the hole.



All players will be required to be at the course and check in 20 MINUTES before tee time posted on the website. Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in the prize fund.   If distance and/or traffic may be a problem….LEAVE EARLIER.

  1. Play “summer rules” at all tournaments unless otherwise informed.
  2. All play is to be in accordance with the rules of the USGA and local rules.
  3. Should temporary greens come into play, everything must be putted out unless otherwise informed.
  4. Slow play may result in penalty stroke(s) and/or disqualification.
  5. Score cards should be turned in within 15 minutes of preceding group or be subject to penalty.
  6. All players are responsible for their individual scores. All score cards must be complete, signed and attested for payoff award consideration.     TWO SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED.
  7. Incorrectly or unsigned scorecards will be handled per USGA rules.
  8. Enter your adjusted score on the course computer, online or using the GHIN Mobile app within 24 hours.  If score is not posted, player will be DQed from all prizes
  9. Fivesomes require approval by the course.



Sign ups will be taken at approximately 7:00 p.m. on meeting night as well as at the regular scheduled home games.

  1. Sign ups will be taken for tournaments one month in advance.
  2. Fivesomes require course approval.
  3. You will not be allowed to sign up if you have any outstanding “no show” fees.
  4. Two day tournament sign ups will be taken any time providing deposit is current with any payment schedule.
  6. The ONLY reason a tournament will be cancelled is if the course is CLOSED. Do not assume a tournament is cancelled because it is raining.  Call me or call the course.  If you call the course, be sure to get the name of the person you talk to if they say the tournament is cancelled or the course is closed.
  7. Due to the number of “late” cancellations a monetary penalty will now be charged for cancelling outside of the course contract.  The penalty will be equal to the prize fund for that outing with a $10 minimum and a $15 maximum.  You will also be charged a full green fee if Triple S is charged by the course. Each course cancellation date will be posted on the away signup sheet.  Any cancellations after that date will be subject to the fee.  If you are assessed a fee you will not be eligible to participate in any future away prize funds until the fee is paid.

Club Policies

1. A $100 award shall be given to any member who gets a “Hole In One” while playing in any Triple S Seniors match.
2. Range finders or other distance measuring devices that measure or gauge distance may be used in any Triple S golfing event .  Devices that measure gradient ( Slope ) , wind , etc. are never allowed even if these functions are turned off . UCGAS RULE 14-3/0.5 .
3. We are having numerous no shows at our Home Tournaments which is creating a problem with the scheduling, the starter and club members.  Players must notify the HTC before the tournament if he is not going to play. If he fails to do so, the prize fund fee penalty will be assessed and he will not be permitted to play in any tournament until that assessment has been paid.
Once the Away Tournament fee is paid to the course, you are responsible for your tee time fee.  If you have to cancel and no one fills your spot you will have to pay for it.