La Mirada Golf Course

Next Home tournament will be April 28.  If you played on the 14th, Dennis assumes you will also play the 28th, unless you call him to cancel.  If you did not play on the 14th and want to play on the 28th, Call Dennis.  Deadline 4/21.

For all play at La Mirada; we are playing Winter Rules.  Lift clean and place in the fairway up to 1 club length.  Smooth and place in the traps and try to re-smooth the sand when leaving.

SCGA is again offering multi-club membership rebates.  Go to our membership page to get the application form.  If you joined more than one golf club, you will get some money back.

Membership 2021  Want to join Triple S?  Click on this form.  Form also valid for membership renewals.  


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